Equality & Diversity Code of Conduct

At Kendal Wool Gathering (KWG) we pride ourselves at being known as the family friendly event, our intentions, ideals, application and selection processes and involvement opportunities have always been entirely without prejudice.

We have always intended our online and physical spaces to be welcoming and safe for crafters from every background to share their creative talents.

  • If you identify as male, female, non-binary, LGBTQ+ - You are welcome, respected and valued.
  • If you identify as BIPOC or BAME - You are welcome, respected and valued.
  • If you suffer from mental health issues, chronic conditions or disabilities (seen or unseen) - You are welcome, respected and valued.
  • Whatever you’re religious or political beliefs - You are welcome, respected and valued.

We believe we are working towards a truly inclusive event but we are constantly learning and developing and in light of the incredibly important work being done to eliminate racism and the exclusion of minority groups, particularly in the knitting community, we have been working hard in the background both locally and nationally to achieve a truly diverse and safe space at the Kendal Wool Gathering (KWG) If you have any suggestions on how we can achieve this please email us at info@kendalwoolgathering.co.uk

Going Forwards

The very serious issues raised about the lack of diversity in the knitting community have horrified us all and there is so much for everyone to learn in order to challenge and address this unfair bias. We were dismayed by the stories that started emerging across social media earlier this year of the marginalisation and at times outright racism faced by minority groups. This is unacceptable and offensive to us as both individuals and event organisers and we wish to strongly challenge this status quo. Racism is not new and it is something we have always, as individuals, challenged in our daily life, however, the realisation that it was so endemic in the knitting community has shocked us.

Going forwards we realise that there is now a need to reach out to groups who may be uncertain about applying for events like ours to make them feel fully welcome. No individual was excluded or rejected because of race, colour, gender identity, sexuality, or religious or political beliefs. These very personal forms of self- identification were not requested by us at the application stage nor used as criterion in the selection process. Our Stall Holders are selected on the basis of the professionalism of their applications, taking into account the quality of the products and the type of product. A variety of products and differing stalls are needed to make a great show.

With Kendal Wool Gathering (KWG) Festival 2019, through our “Knit and Natter” forum we will be seeking to stimulate talks on equality and diversity in the crafting community highlighting the fabulous talents of designers and crafters from minority groups. We hope this will also be a safe environment for visitors to meet and be made welcome.

Our Code of Conduct has been prepared to ensure every participant and visitor feels safe at the Kendal Wool Gathering (KWG).